Frequently Asked Questions

Where is J.Gil Fitness located?

  • The private fitness studio is located at 503 S. Country Fair Drive in Champaign, IL.

    • Indoor Training:  Use the entrance on the North side of the building and head up the stairs, our Studio #2E is on the left.

    • Outdoor Training:  Meet outside the North Entrance and we will enter the private, outdoor area as a group.

    • Virtual Training:  You'll receive a Zoom link by e-mail the day of training.

What are the studio hours?

  • The studio is open for scheduled training times and appointments only.  Group Training times can be found here and must be booked in advance.  Always check the Active Calendar for schedule changes, Studio closures, Pop Up Events, and more.

  • Want to schedule an appointment/consultation?  Submit the contact form and we'll be in touch.

What packages are available?  Where can I purchase?

  • Group Training:

    • Memberships are available for 4x, 6x, or Unlimited trainings per 4 weeks with recurring billing.  Memberships can be used for any regularly scheduled indoor, outdoor (weather permitting), and live virtual Group Trainings.  Memberships require no additional commitment - cancel or freeze the next billing cycle by e-mail with at least 5 business days notice.  Credits expire at the end of each 4 week billing cycle.

    • FlexPass packages are available to drop in 1x, 5x, or 10x.  Drop in packages can be used for any regularly scheduled indoor, outdoor (weather permitting), and live virtual Group Trainings.  Credits expire 1 year from purchase date. 

    • Advanced class sign up is required and opens 2 weeks in advance and remains open until class start time.

      • Cancellation Policy:  Clients may cancel advanced sign ups up to 3 hours prior to start with no penalty.  Cancellations made within 3 hours of start will result in loss of credit.  Classes cancelled by the Studio prior to start time will have no penalty.

    • Discounted rates available on Group Training memberships when multiple people in your household subscribe.  Contact us for more details.

  • Online Personal Training packages are available to train 3x per week for 4 or 12 weeks with recurring billing.  Online PT requires no additional commitment - cancel or freeze the next billing cycle by e-mail with at least 5 business days notice. 

    • Discounted rates available on Group Training packages when you subscribe to both Online PT and Group Training.  Contact us for more details.

    • Looking for more than 3 workouts per week?  Contact us about a personalized package.

  • Programs, Packages, Guides, Gift Cards, and Merchandise can be viewed and purchased here.  All purchases are non-refundable and may not be split between multiple clients.

Who can participate?

  • All fitness levels welcome.  Must be 18 or older.  Always consult with a Physician prior to the start of any fitness program.

Can I participate with an injury?

  • You know your body best.  We always practice safety first and encourage you to consult with a Physician.  If you were seen by a Physician, a release is required prior to training.   

Is equipment provided?

  • Yes, equipment is provided by J.Gil Fitness for all in-person trainings.  We do require that you bring your own exercise mat or purchase one at the Studio.  You may also bring your own equipment, if desired.  For virtual trainings, you are responsible for your own equipment, or similar items for use.

    • Minimum equipment required by class:

      • CampEx:  Exercise mat, mini loop resistance band, and 2 dumbbells/kettlebells 5-20lb - choose a weight that can be used with good form the duration of class. 

      • POWer:  Rumble stick - Want your own?  Purchase one at the Studio.  

      • Barre:  Exercise mat, mini loop resistance band, 2 light dumbbells - recommended 1-5lb, and Bender ball.  Barre Virtual also requires a high back chair.

      • HIGH Fitness:  None required. 

      • PLYOGA:  Exercise mat.  Optional yoga block.

      • Zumba:  None required.

      • TR(e)X:  Exercise mat and suspension straps.

      • TR(e)X Flow:  Exercise mat, suspension straps, and yoga block.

      • RUMBLE:  Rumble stick - Want your own?  Purchase one at the Studio. 

      • Online Personal Training:  Workouts are customized to your available equipment.

Is there a place to change clothes at the Studio?

  • Yes, however space is limited so we ask, if possible, you arrive dressed ready to workout.

Are there showers?

  • For use by Trainers only. 

Can I leave my personal items at the Studio?

  • We do not offer long term storage.  We ask that all personal items be placed in the storage area while training at the Studio.  We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal equipment or items.

Guidelines effective 6/26/2020 based on IDPH guidance:

  • Trainings will be held both indoors, outdoors (weather permitting), and virtually – the active calendar will specify.  Classes will have reduced capacity with social distancing enforced, and designated exercises spaces.  We cannot accept walk-ins - advanced sign up is required for all trainings/appointments/consultations.  Purchases and forms must be completed online.

  • Masks must be worn outside of your exercise space at all times indoors, and is encouraged outdoors as well by both Trainers and Clients.  Everyone is required to supply their own masks.

  • Trainers and all Clients will undergo a symptom screening including touchless temperature check prior to entry into training each day.

  • Clients must bring their own exercise mat.  Mats will also be available to purchase at the Studio.  Everyone must wear full coverage footwear (grippy socks or shoes) indoors.  There will be no shared equipment during class and no partner workouts, etc.  All used equipment provided by J.Gil Fitness must be cleaned by Clients after use and placed in the designated “used equipment” area, and then cleaned and disinfected again by Trainers.  You are also welcome to bring your own equipment, if desired.

  • Several hand sanitation stations are setup - hand sanitizer must be used before and after training, at minimum.

  • A transition period will be between all trainings/appointments/consultations to help with social distancing.  This also provides time to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and high traffic areas.  The Studio is cleaned and disinfected based on CDC guidelines using EPA approved products multiple times per day. 

  • The Studio is equipped with MERV 11 filters, live plants, and an air purifier to assist with air quality.

  • If you are feeling unwell, or have been in contact with a suspected case within the past 2 weeks, please stay home. 

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