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Why adding FLEx Yoga to your strength training routine is the smart move to make...

Yoga has long been known as total mind-body "be in the moment" workout that reduces stress and anxiety. So, why is adding FLEx Yoga to your strength training routine is the smart move to make? The answer is simple - you'll double up on the muscle building benefits:

  • Learn to focus on and activate the proper muscles needed through movements to life more efficiently.

  • Breathing techniques are practiced during Yoga. Those same techniques can be applied to your strength and conditioning workouts to increase lung capacity and circulation resulting in the ability to workout longer.

  • Range of motion will improve, which will help you lift safely and more effectively.

  • Yoga helps strengthen connective tissues to enhance stabilization and prevent injuries through holding poses for extended periods of time while also increasing muscular endurance.

  • Reduce soreness and recover better by improving lymphatic flow, blood and oxygen flow, while flushing out toxins.

  • Overall quality of life will be enhanced by building strength and endurance to make everyday tasks easier.

When you add yoga to your strength training routine, a beautiful bond is unlocked that will have an overwhelming impact on your mental and physical health. #smartmove #protip

And we've made it even easier for you to start with a FREE FLEx + flow Yoga class this Saturday, 9/23 - register here:


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