Get fit on your terms.

Online personal training offers the flexibility to complete workouts anytime, anywhere.  Programs are customized using your experience, goals, preferred location of training, and available equipment with a Certified Personal Trainer's expertise.  Confidently head in the right direction whether that be losing weight, increasing strength or endurance, and/or simply wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

4 and 12 week Online Personal Training programs available.  Programs include 3 warm ups, workouts, and cool downs posted to the App weekly with a flexible schedule including reminder notifications to provide structure to your week, keep you motivated, and on track, including the ability to log your own workouts to reach optimal results. 


Free initial consultation by phone or at the Studio.  Stay accountable and motivated with open communication with your Trainer along with required weekly accountability check-ins completed by in-App messaging.  No computer, no problem, the MyPTHub app can be downloaded to any smart phone. 

Bonus Access:

Not sure how to perform an exercise?  No problem, "how-to" videos and instructions for every exercise in the App.

Nutrition tracker with barcode scanner and macro calculator, plus optional review by Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Results tracker with the ability to log your own workouts - it's helpful to remember where you started.

Private Team Facebook group with monthly challenges, bonus workouts, health and wellness tips, and more.

Discounted Group Training packages.


Looking for more than 3 workouts per week?  Let's chat!



Receive a superior experience in our small group setting alongside a motivating Team and Trainers, i.e. have fun, stick with it, and reach your goals.  As a bonus, we guarantee you'll make some new friends along the way. 

Join the Team at any time.  Membership packages are available for 4x, 6x, or unlimited trainings per 4 weeks.  FlexPass packages are also available to drop in 1x, 5x, or 10x classes.  Membership and FlexPass packages can be used for any regularly scheduled indoor, outdoor(weather permitting), and live virtual Group Trainings. 

Check out the FAQs -  package details and pricing


Equipment is provided by J.Gil Fitness for in-person training, or you may bring your own, if desired.  We do require that clients bring their own exercise mat to Group Trainings and wear full coverage footwear at all times.

Please review our COVID-19 guidelines prior to arrival at the Studio to ensure a safe environment for everyone.


Bonus Access:

Nutrition tracker with barcode scanner in App.

Private Team Facebook group with monthly challenges, bonus workouts, health and wellness tips, and more.

Memberships include access to private events.


fka Group PT

Group Personal Training

Exercise. Experience. Exceed.

Total body strength workout that'll help you move more efficiently and effectively.  Expect a high calorie burn workout that will boost strength, mobility, endurance, and balance with a different class every time.

During each class you'll receive personalized attention on proper form and technique as you gain experience using a variety of equipment - bodyweight, suspension trainers, free weights, resistance bands, and more.  Modifications, regressions, and progressions are provided to safely and effectively reach your goals at almost any fitness level.


Exercise. Experience. Exceed.



Exercise. Experience. Exceed.

One stop shop utilizing suspension straps to leverage bodyweight against gravity with easy to follow progressions.  Be in control of the level of difficulty by simply adjusting your body's position to increase or decrease resistance.  Recommended for anyone who’s ready to break a sweat. 


Above all else: TR(e)X is fun.

TR(e)X Flow



Exercise. Experience. Exceed.

Flow combines strength and endurance work with freedom of mobility using (optional) suspension straps to support and enhance poses.  This vinyasa-like structured flow class requires thoughtful movements and body awareness. 


Join our unique barre-less Barre experience.  No dance experience needed.


BarreAbove fitness is a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates and strength training.  Barre focuses on high reps of small range movements to improve posture, flexibility, strength, and balance.

HIGH Fitness

HIGH Fitness is a hardcore, fun fitness class that incorporates interval training with pop music. HIGH Fitness alternates between cardio peaks and full-body toning tracks with easy-to-follow fitness choreography.

Aerobics is back!  Take it HIGH or take it low! Options given for all levels of fitness.


Your body is power!


Bodyweight only workout combing short bursts of high calorie burn plyometrics with Yoga poses to challenge you to breathe, focus, and balance.


A dance-fitness party designed to bring people together to sweat it out.  A total body workout - combining cardio, conditioning, and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave. 


By R.I.P.P.E.D.

An authentic, yet easy to master, cardio mixed martial arts class. You will use a weapon; The RUMBLE Stick - creating a higher degree of training which enhances spatial awareness and overall movement. 


No martial arts experience required, just a willingness to sweat and have fun, and a desire to get an incredible workout.  Leave feeling fierce and powerful. 



Exercise is a perfect addition to any event or group outing.  Pop Up Events are great for team building, employee/customer appreciation days, fundraising events, parties, company wellness days, and so much more. 

Pop Ups can be customized for your event's location and goals, or scheduled as a standalone event.  Previous Pop Ups include:  Dark Matter Collective customer appreciation day, Barre at the Bar, Girls Rock CU benefit, and a collaboration with a local donut shop. 





Enjoy working out on your own?  Looking for a quick boost to your routine?  Or maybe just looking for a place to start?  Check out our newly released workout guides.

Lower Body - Grow that lower body with this 18 workouts + warm ups guide.

Core -  Build a stronger core with this workout guide.

Bonus Access:

Not sure how to perform an exercise?  No problem, "how-to" videos and instructions for every exercise in the App.

Private Team Facebook group with monthly challenges, bonus workouts, health and wellness tips, and more.


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