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Get a grip.

If you’ve been strength training, you've noticed that having a strong enough grip makes or breaks your movements in any workout. If you notice your grip giving out before your larger muscles or if you can’t keep your equipment aligned in proper position, then your grip needs some work.

A simple way to build your grip strength is to start, or continue to strength train. Makes sense, right? Practice makes progress. And if you continue to notice a weakness in your grip strength, good news - there are some targeted exercises to improve your grip strength faster: farmer's carry, deadlift, zottman curl, stress ball/tennis ball squeeze, and more.

The thickness of the handle on your equipment may play a part in your ease of grip too. Those with medium-larger hands may find that thicker handles are easier to grip. That does open up some debate on assistance vs compensation, but we'll leave that for another time. It may also be that you need to loosen up. Griping too tightly is a real potential problem. Holding the weights too tightly can make your form suffer the same as not holding the weights tight enough. And more good news if you do need thicker grips - they make a variety of gloves and grip accessories for use with almost any equipment.

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