What does sore mean to you?

Something we’re regularly hearing at the Studio is “I know that was a great workout because I’m already sore” or “That was a great workout yesterday, I’m so sore today”. We love that you love the workouts, and we love receiving feedback. But please don’t gauge a workout entirely on muscle soreness.

You can have a phenomenal workout, make progress, and not be sore.

You can have a phenomenal workout, make progress, and be sore.

Read those 2 above lines again.

Soreness could mean many things, including: build up of lactic acid, DOMS, disuse, introduction of new or increased activity, dehydration, side effects of medication, sickness, and more.

To help with soreness: stretch, walk, massage the muscles using hands/foam roller/massage gun/etc., rest, increase the blood flow with heat, eat anti-inflammatory food, take anti-inflammatory supplements, and more.

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