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Running Club

Let me start by saying that I never thought I'd be a runner. Yes, I love fitness. But that doesn't mean I have to love all aspects of it. As a kid, I participated in cross country so maybe I have a little PTSD from those experiences. I didn't enjoy it nor was I any good.

Running is the trendy thing to do nowadays. Running is also great for your overall health and well-being. I noticed over the Summer that quite a few of my clients were also participating in races and running outside of training with me. Here comes my competitive and curious nature. I now wanted to try running. They are doing it, so can I. I started by doing interval training on the treadmill at the gym. I continued improving times, speeds, and distances with the interval training then one day an event popped up on Facebook. I do have to give credit to Facebook for providing a great way to find out about events in your community. That event was a Women's Beginners Running Group hosted by Martha at Second Wind Running Club. It was perfect timing to change up my training and a great reason to get outside more. But a running club? But it said Beginners? I decide to try it. Worst case scenario was I didn't go back after the first day. Looking back now that the 8 week program is over, I'm happy with my decision. I'm not sure I would have ever attempted running outside without joining that group. Martha and the other mentors are so friendly and motivating. The group teaches you how to pace your runs, and the motto was "Don't stop til the end".

I really enjoyed the last 8 weeks with this group. And this Sunday, we will be participating in a 5k. This will now be my second 5k of the Summer. I'm setting a goal for myself to beat my previous finish time. I can now also say I'm a member of a running club and plan to continue weekly runs with them.

Definitely join group training opportunities and try new things. You won't know your full potential until you get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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