Get fit on your terms.

We know that your fitness journey is unique, and that's why our Personal Training programs are created using your experience, goals, preferred location of training, and available equipment with a Certified Personal Trainer's expertise.  Let us help you transform your lifestyle by exceeding those fitness goals, and forming long term healthy habits.

Online Personal Training programs offer the flexibility to complete workouts anytime, anywhere using the equipment you have access to.  The 4 and 12 week programs include 3 warm ups, workouts, and cool downs posted weekly, along with the ability to log your own workouts to reach optimal results.  Scheduled workouts and reminder notifications will help provide structure to your week, and help keep you on track.  Stay accountable and motivated with open communication with your Trainer via in-app messaging, including required weekly accountability check-ins to monitor progress.  Not sure how to perform an exercise?  We got you -- "how-to" videos and instructions for every exercise are included via the app.  The app can be downloaded to any smart phone or tablet making it easier to take your workouts with you anywhere.

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In-Studio and Live Virtual Personal Training programs offer private training sessions with our Certified Personal Trainer in-studio or virtually via Zoom.  Our 4, 8, and 12 week programs can bring a much-needed fresh perspective and new viewpoints to challenge both your body and mind.  Having a CPT by your side will help your fitness journey by providing encouragement, energy, motivation, and guidance to reach optimal results safely and effectively.  In-studio and live virtual Personal Training programs are offered via custom packages --  Contact us for more details.


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Looking to combine online PT and in-studio/live virtual PT?

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Personal Training Membership Bonus Access:

  • Macros calculation (up to 1 every 12 weeks), plus optional biweekly nutrition log review by our Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

  • Results tracker with the ability to log your own workouts to monitor progress and reach optimal results.

  • Private Team events and pages with group chats, challenges, bonus workouts, health and wellness tips, recipes, and more.

  • Memberships include access to our referral program and multi-package discount.