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Don't be a dick during the pandemic. Seriously.

Phew! Times are crazy. I'm personally half way thru week 2 of this COVID lifestyle. I hope everyone is holding up as it appears we aren't close to being done with this. Illinois is on lock down until April 8th. I'm guessing if your State isn't on our level yet, it will be soon. And if it doesn't happen, let me know so I can come visit.

Here are some tips I put together to help us get through this: * Drink your water. I don’t want any of you looking like the Tales from the Crypt guy. * Be active. It’s easy to sit on that couch or chair all day, set timers to get moving. Go on a walk. Do some cleaning. Create a calendar item for your workouts, and don’t skip that “meeting”. * Talk to people (your pet only counts for so long). Reach out to friends and family, schedule Zoom sessions to do virtual activities/meetups. * Find (again) your norm. Change out of those pjs (no, not into new ones). Shower. Save some snacks for tomorrow. Maintain a semi-regular sleep schedule. You know all those things we do day to day.

Wash your hands! And be nice to one another! We are all stressed and unsure of what's to follow. No need to be a dick and cause more stress.

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