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Featuring Shaylee

We have so many great friends at the Studio it was hard to choose just one, but we promise that we have more coming soon.

Shaylee has been with J.Gil Fitness for just over a year and hasn’t missed a workout yet. Her determination and commitment to her health is out of this world. And to top it off, she provides care to us all every day in her career. How freaking great is that?! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re an inspiration to us all. We love getting to spend each week with you!

Hear what Shaylee has to say:

“I found Jenn and J.Gil fitness last year when the pandemic began. With the gym's closing, I was at a loss of how to workout home. After working out with Jenn for the last year, I will never need to go back to the traditional gym setting.

Using the equipment I have at home (dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, treadmill), Jenn creates 3 personalized workouts that I can complete on my own time throughout the week. They also fit within my space, so I love not having to leave my house for an excellent workout.

Jenn checks in on me frequently. She has a knack for meeting you where you are at in your fitness journey. She elicits feedback, although she is so good at what she does that I rarely have any! Jenn has also offered to look at my nutrition and given me recommendations to ensure my body is receiving the nutrients it needs.

When I first started, I would be sore after every single workout. My body was used to the same mundane exercise. That is not the case any longer, and I continue to feel challenged (in a good way)! I am gaining strength and definition, but most importantly, I feel supported in living a healthy life. Jenn really knows her clients needs on a very personal level and that is the best part about participating in her online personal training. ”


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